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When Our Powers Combine…

I’ve got some killer news! Romain from Derelicts and I are teaming up to bring you fresh and fabulous content. (We’ve been nerd buddies for years, geeking out over survival games and other random stuff. We talk a lot – like, A LOT – as witnessed during our very rambling chat about survival games and Derelicts. If you want to hear us go off on tangents and nerd out, you gotta check it out. It’s a trip, trust me. (In a good way.)

Anyway! We’re joining forces to share updates, news, and behind-the-scenes looks in every format imaginable – audio, video, written posts, you name it. (Interpretive dance?) We’re all about making this collaboration epic and keeping you guys in the loop. Why? Because we’re both passionate about what we do and want to help each other succeed. Plus, we think our combined nerdiness can create something really special for you all.

So, head over to Romain’s June Announcement Post for more deets and some extra images. And don’t forget to toss your questions in for the upcoming Q&A. It’s gonna be awesome. (If you are a Derelicts Patreon backer- or thinking of becoming one- you’ll also want to check out our recent post about the changes to the supporter tiers.)

Stay tuned for all the cool stuff we’ve got coming your way.
(Just be patient as we work out the quirks.)

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